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All about lessons

Private Lessons. Recommended once a week for casual riders and 3 times a week for riders with advancing goals to keep horses fit and sound. Show Riders will be required to ride 4 plus times a week to ensure rider and horse fitness, balance and stability. 1/wk $230/month, 2/wk $420, 3/wk $550, 4/wk $685. Single Private lessons are $65

Mounted Archery/Warrior Lessons. Must take a minimum of one riding lesson per week. If not local, lessons must be confirmed with other trainer. ALL Archery and Warrior classes will begin on the ground with ground weapons training and practice before mounting. These classes are 2 hrs long. Group meets Sunday's. Practice times vary with weather. Private sessions available for riders wanting more practice and more work on the riding portion of the sport. Group Class $320/month. Privates are $75/lesson. PLEASE REMEMBER THESE LESSONS ARE 2 HOURS LONG.

Haul In lessons $55 with Club Pass or $75/lesson.

Lessons will occasionally have unmounted portions or entire class times dedicated to creating well rounded Horse people. Rain outs will be indoor lessons using our pavilion to work on horsemanship and rider fitness. 

Make ups from CCSC will be provided a make up date. If student misses class it’s their responsibility to schedule a make up. (1 make up allowed per month). If sick or injured contact for arrangements. Bad weather cancellations are at discretion of CCSC. 



Club Pass – Trails, Office fees waived at events, ½ price auditing clinics, $20 off  Lesson and Clinic prices. $150/yr. Trainers Pass - bring up to 4 horses per trip $300/yr. OR day haul in $10/horse AND rider. 


Unmounted Subjects

Care and Keeping of the horse – grooming techniques, vitals, leg wrapping, developing an eye, Bodywork, Therapies, First Aid

Care and keeping of Tack – Cleaning, conditioning, assembly, bits

Long Lining and lunging with Purpose


Rider Fitness – balance, strength, stability, stamina


Students are encouraged to attend a weekly balance and stability class with CCSC. 1/wk $75/month. Additional sessions $25/session.



Riders can enjoy time outside of their lessons with one of our riding horses. Work on building your skills and form a partnership with an equine friend. Lease riders get a weekly private lesson and can join one group class or take a Riders Balance and Stability class weekly. The rider may also have one extra practice ride a week with a half lease or 3 rides to practice a week with a full lease.


Beginner Students

Whether you've chosen to begin, English or Western, your riding journey with CCSC will include bareback riding and lessons on the lunge line. Beg riders will work on horsemanship, groundwork, rider exercises, biomechanics of horse and rider, Tacking and untacking, care of equipment and mounted skills. Mounted work will include but not limited to: steering, walking, sitting jog, rising trot, halt, intro to lateral work, arena figures and patterns. 

Novice Students

Novice students will continue the trot work and finding the sitting trot and independent seat. Novice students will begin having lessons out on the ranch trails to practice practical skills and begin learning about horse fitness. Canter and lope work will begin on the lunge or in the round pen. Cavaletti's will be introduced. Jumping students will begin work over cross rails and small verticals. 

Intermediate Students

Intermediate students will begin refining the basics into first and second level movements in the arena and begin working the canter out on the hills and trails. Lateral work at all three gaits and will begin riding simple changes. Jumping students will be doing grid and gymnastic work with full courses. 

Advanced Students

Students can ride a flying change on a trained horse. At this level we encourage students to lease or purchase a horse. Schooling horses are rarely ridden at this level often enough to be in shape for this level of work. In this level riders will continue with Dressage and Reining work in the arena. Outside of the arena we begin distance riding, cross country work and showing*.

*Showing and Clinic opportunities Nov-Adv*

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