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Our Story

Cedar Creek Saddle Club opened November 2019.

After spending years in the industry building and managing riding lesson, trail and boarding programs around Central Texas and Kentucky CCSC owners and operators, Adam and Catherine Campbell decided to take the plunge and open a riding club that would be all inclusive for riders of all levels, bodies, identities and beliefs. This move to Walnut Creek Ranch in Cedar Creek, Texas is a dream come true. 

"As a young teen I used to come to shows and events out here at Rusty's. I'm deeply honored to bring the place back to life and let it be a staple in the community once again. And while we are CCSC, this space will always be Rusty's.

"I'm proud of what we have built. Our community is amazing and I absolutely love watching it grow. The horses are the best coworkers I could ask for! It means so much to me that together we change lives." 

- Catherine Campbell

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