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Our trainers focus on a well rounded mount consisting of a healthy blend of trail riding, groundwork and dressage work. Our training space provides a unique experience as we are located on a wildlife preserve offering trail experiences not often found in Texas. We are home to several species of antelope to include Wildebeest along a variety of large deer that roam wild on the preserve.  We intend to produce mounts that are balanced, fit and relaxed. Horses in our program receive Massage, Chiropractic care, Ice therapy, Laser therapy and Magnet therapy. Please visit the Facility page to learn more about our training facility. We feed Bluebonnet and Nutrena Proforce feeds. We offer supplements from Stride Animal Health, Purina and Platinum. All training horses are on alfalfa and electrolytes. 


Trainer Catherine C on CCSC horse, Henry.


Assistant Trainer Rachel L on CCSC horse, Moxie.

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